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What Is Helix Micro Rebar®?

Updated: Feb 6

Helix Micro Rebar® is a type of reinforcement material used in construction projects to enhance the strength and durability of concrete structures. It is a small, twisted steel micro Rebar®, that is added to the concrete mix during production. Helix Micro Rebar® is designed to provide superior tensile strength, improve crack resistance, and enhance the overall durability of concrete structures.

The unique shape and design of the Helix Micro Rebar® make it an excellent alternative to traditional steel reinforcement methods. It is typically used in applications where traditional steel reinforcement may not be practical or cost-effective, such as in thin concrete slabs, vertical walls or structures with tight spacing requirements. Its small size also makes it easy to mix into concrete, reducing the risk of segregation and ensuring even distribution throughout the concrete.

Helix Micro Rebar® reduces the overall weight of steel in the application, which makes it a sustainable choice for construction projects that aim to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, Helix Micro Rebar® is easy to add into the trucks at the batch plant, which can save time and labor costs on a construction site.

With High Inflation, Rise of lumber and Interest rates. Urban Method Development is constantly researching methods and materials to the best alternative building materials and solutions for ourselves and our clients.One of the significant advantages of Helix Micro Rebar® is its ability to improve the structural integrity of concrete structures. Its unique shape allows it to distribute loads more evenly throughout the concrete, reducing the risk of cracking and enhancing overall durability. It can also reduce the amount of concrete required in a project, which can save on material costs.

Overall, Helix Micro Rebar® is a cutting-edge technology that provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for reinforcing concrete structures. Its unique design, sustainable materials, and improved performance make it an attractive alternative to traditional reinforcement methods. With its proven track record of success in various applications, Helix Micro Rebar® is quickly becoming a go-to choice for engineers and contractors looking to build stronger, more durable concrete structures.



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